How To Maintain A Company In Great Credit Score Standing

Yes, you need to sell, but you need to get paid for what you sell! What if your customer is having cash flow trouble? Worse, what if your customer goes under? Or more annoyingly, what if your customer is perfectly able to pay but simply chooses to be late, pocketing a little extra interest on the money for a while longer?

Instead of tearing your hair out, do a little research. Make friends with the church historian. Read the Annual Reports for Companies. One pastor read through the reports for his church and noticed every pastor tried to make the same changes, going back before he was born. He realized the chance of him shifting those patterns significantly — as he had hoped to do when he arrived — was small. In a way, this takes the pressure off.

Investigate other sources of relevant information too, such as: * press or trade magazines (collect articles or press releases in your preparation file) * other web sources (e.g Wikipedia, market analysts) * company annnual report and shareholders’ information * your network – do you know anyone who works there? or has been for an interview there? do you know any suppliers to the company?

In this week’s Screen of the Week article, I talked about earnings surprises and how you can take advantage of them after a company reports. But in this piece I want to talk about how you can trade the potential for an earnings surprise (or any big event for that matter) before it happens and without having to worry about whether you guessed correctly or not. With strangles and straddles you can do just that.

The better you are at weaving your key messages into your answers, the more likely you are to stand out in the interviewer’s mind. And setting yourself apart is what interviewing is all about.