Annual Report Printing and Design in Dubai

Annual Report Printing and Annual Report Design in Dubai

cover-of-annual-reportAn annual report is a comprehensive report on a company’s activities throughout the preceding year. Annual report design and Annual report printing are crucial for a company intending to present a polished image to shareholders.

On a technical level, Annual Reports are designed to provide shareholders and other interested parties and stakholders including investors, lenders and creditors, with information about the performance of a company over the year. Of particular interest is the fiscal performance as well as investment plans and opportunities, as such a crucial document, the presentation can help to create a positive image around the company.

Whether you are a non-profit, or a business with shareholders, your annual report can be exciting or boring.

Annual Report Design Bad or Good?

This interesting article covers the difference between good and bad Annual reports, check out the mistakes that are often made by people designing and preparing annual reports. The article suggests monitoring the tone you adopt in writing your annual report, it is true that the ultimate stakeholder in annual report design and annual report printing is the reader of the document itself.


When it comes to finding a contract publisher to assist with Annual Report Design and Annual Report printing, you have to find the BEST team for the job. Someone with a lot of experience dealing with blue chip companies and public sector institutions is unlikely to let you down. We recommend Explorer Publishing, based in Al Qouz, Dubai, Explorer Publishing has been in the market for 20+ years, and has a very impressive portfolio of customers ranging from blue chip companies to public sector departments. Explorer Publishing has an award winning team of designers and creatives who are ready to assist clients with jobs large and small, they work hard to deliver the best and have worked with some really big companies! Check out their portfolio on their website


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