five things to avoid in digital marketing

there are many things to avoid in digital marketing including when you are digital marketing in Dubai. Depending on your budget, the reach that you try to get with your campaigns can make and break your digital marketing strategy.

benefits of digital marketing in dubai
If you have a high budget and are going for maximum market penetration then what is your strategy for the frequency of your daily impression reach? 

Firstly read this great article on Bidding Strategies in Facebook Marketing, your bidding strategy can cost you the difference between success and miserable failure. 

Or watch this video on some great facebook marketing strategies, now when you are thinking what to do with a limited budget, then you have to limit your targeting to a laser scope.
Build Audiences using Facebook Marketing Pixels, set up conversions so that you can optimise your campaigns and LIMIT your scope!
Spending $500 to reach 500,000 and generate 50 conversions is a lot worse than spending $500 to reach 10,000 and generating 500 conversions.
Digital Marketing is tough, find a digital marketing agency in dubai who can help you