This one tip will save you so much money Digital Marketing in Dubai

If you have a small business, or if you manage the marketing campaigns of several businesses there are undoubtedly some trends that you cannot fail to notice in Dubai.

Getting Clicks but no Love

So lets say your running a Facebook campaign for your business or page, you are boosting a post and you start seeing Facebook telling you your getting tons of clicks. But no leads are coming in, and the ones that do are very low quality…


Well the answer is as simple as the demographic makeup of the Dubai Market, think about it, low paid labour from Asian countries form the overwhelming bulk of the labour pool. These are hard working people saving every penny to send back home.

Digital Marketing in Dubai
They are not interested in buying your stuff. But they use social media and the internet to communicate with their families and when they see a sponsored post they click on it. These clicks cost you money and make you no money.

So what do I do?

Well you need to think about the lifestyle of your target market.. How do they talk, surf and communicate online?

Difital Marketing in Dubai

Yes, see the picture above is just a little hint, check out your filtering options on Facebook and Google marketing platforms or click here to find a great digital marketing agency in dubai who can givenyou the answer


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